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Through scientific media planning, Omni-marketing planning enables intelligent enterprise decision-making, media portfolio optimization and effective ROI improvement.
Product Overview

Based on big data from omni-channel ad tracking, Miaozhen Systems enables intelligent enterprise decision-making through scientific media planning to calculate cross-screen Reach, while helping brands with effective determination of media KPI and cross-screen budget allocation and media portfolio optimization, hence achieving effective ROI improvement.

Core Features
Value Proposition

For enterprises expecting to improve the efficiency of ad serving on media and marketing ROI in an omni-media age, Miaozhen Systems Omni-marketing Planning is a top choice for delivering media plan, optimizing media portfolio and improving marketing ROI for the following reasons:

  • Ensures accurate and reliable data source for products based on omni-marketing ad tracking data of Miaozhen Systems;
  • Covers online and offline screens and the majority of top media resources, as well as KOL’s choice of products to enrich multi-dimensional data; optimize marketing budget allocation in full scale;
  • Multiple patents, with unique IGRP as a leading tool for measuring the general effectiveness of internet media, and scientific methodologies and models;
  • Cross-screen scope evolving with time and trend, empowers advertisers to improve ROI in a consistent way.