Manage marketing campaigns

With its expertise in big data and AI technology, Miaozhen Systems empowers clients to develop comprehensive marketing plans. Our services encompass media advertising scheduling, media advertising ROI calculation, social media influencer campaign planning, and brand audience targeting STP solutions.

Miaozhen Systems

Manage Marketing campaigns


Online + Offline Advertising Investment Optimization

MixReach is a mature online + offline cross-screen budget allocation and optimization tool from the Miaozhen Systems portfolio. Targeting reach, it assists advertisers in boosting the return on investment (ROI) for users.


Optimal Scheduling Generation and Management Platform

PlanExecution is an intelligent full-media scheduling tool by Miaozhen Systems, leveraging the reach of diverse media platforms and ad spots. It uses media deduplication and Miaozhen’s data capabilities to offer data support and help advertisers make decisions on multi-spot budget allocation.


Media Trends and Efficiency Insights

MediaInsight is a comprehensive media effectiveness insight tool from Miaozhen Systems, assisting businesses in selecting touchpoints and media, and optimizing investment strategies through the combination of big and small data.

Brand Trends

Competitor Media Strategy and Content Analysis

Brand Trends is a media strategy tool from Miaozhen Systems that analyzes market presence, content, and interaction effects across brands. It helps advertisers understand market share, advertising, and content performance using real consumer data.

Social Grow

One-stop Social Media Operation and Data Platform

Social Grow is a management platform under Miaozhen focused on social media operational growth. It covers 9 major mainstream social media platforms, helping brands build an agile social media management system by deeply mining social media influencer data, content data, and e-commerce backlink data.

STP Solutions Based On Interest Tribes

STP strategy based on interest tribes data

Miaozhen has launched the STP solution based on big data from social media. Through four steps, it assists various brands in completing the entire process of market segmentation, targeting, positioning, and marketing execution strategies in a new big-data manner. This approach breaks through the marketing bottlenecks faced under the “old” model, necessitating the redefinition of Target Audience (TA) with Interest Tribes TAs. 

At Miaozhen Systems, we leverage agile insights and data-driven decision-making, we empower you to enhance marketing efficiency and drive rapid business growth. Contact us to learn more about our product features, solutions and more.