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Consumer data is integrated with media insight to empower companies to generate full-scope industrial insight and optimize business decision-making.
Product Overview

In the era of social digital transformation, Miaozhen Systems integrates consumer data with media insight. The core data is demonstrated via D-force to provide a holistic view of business trends for companies, thus optimize their market decision-making and monetize business values.

Core Features
Value Proposition

For those responsible for government and enterprise digitalization and marketing department with a keen interest in consumer needs and media trends, the insight intelligence of Miaozhen Systems is a top choice for integrating consumer data and media insight, enabling them to gain a full-scope insight of industrial trends and optimize business decisions, for the following reasons:

  • Social-based big and small consumer data integration:

    we cover all mainstream social platforms and over 100,000 mainstream media, with an inventory of one million samples and a consumer survey platform with 50,000 MAU, which allow us to gain full-scope consumer insight by fully connected big and small data;
  • Intelligent analysis of AI + BI + HI:

    all our products are AI+BI embedded, in combination with group-empowered knowledge graph technology, enable automated and intelligent data analysis; our analyst team consists of over 200 professionals with nearly 10 years of experience and knowledge in data insight industrial know-how, to achieve integration of AI + BI + HI, hence driving effective decision-making for customers;
  • Full-scope insight enabled by rich experience in multiple industries:

    we have worked with over 300 well-recognized international and local brands, with an intelligent insight system built for ultra-top companies covering brands, products, ingredients, contents and celebrities to enable full-scope consumer analysis.