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Content marketing measurement and optimization solution from production, measurement, insight to evaluation.
Product Overview

With content marketing becoming a trend, we help companies in intelligent generation, optimization and accumulation of contents based on industrial insight and results of innovative neural science technologies to optimize the effectiveness of content marketing.

Core Features
Value Proposition

For enterprises looking for influencing consumers with content marketing and optimizing marketing effectiveness, the ContentPower of Miaozhen Systems is a top choice for content marketing measurement and product optimization from production, measurement, insight to evaluation, for the following reasons:

  • Evaluation model based on scientific methodologies integrated with innovative neural science technologies to generate objective insight of business value of contents, celebrities and contextual advertising;
  • Connects front and back end data to provide element-level suggestions for content optimization in multiple scenarios;
  • Monitor data and enable early intervention of measurement based on industrial experience to minimize implantation and ad serving risks and to optimize effectiveness.