Wilson Chen

Miaozhen Systems|OMI Service Unit


Wilson is President of Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit. He directs the operations and management of its marketing measurement business, develops new products and technologies, and manages cross-industry partnerships.

After joining the company in 2013, Wilson saw success in various positions, including Shanghai Office GM, COO, and SIA Service Unit Operations Partner. He oversaw the creation of the company’s Functional Management system and focused on developing each team’s business and organizational structure. By creating workflows that enabled R&D and business departments to work together, Wilson helped maximize management efficiency. In addition, Wilson coordinated interdepartmental operations with marketing, finance, legal, HR, etc. to ensure Miaozhen won clients’ trust and became an industry leader with its innovative products.

Wilson has done extensive work in data innovation and applications, including applications of online ad data, brand social media data, and brand e-commerce data; he is also experienced with the integration, analysis, and application of data produced when sales are channeled from online media to e-commerce platforms. Wilson previously worked at P&G China’s consumer and market research department and sales department, where he gained a wealth of experience in consumers and marketing channels. He also led the insight department at WPP’s retail consulting agency Kantar Retail and contributed to various consulting projects.

Pei Liu

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

Technology Partner

As Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit Technology Partner, Pei is at the helm of the Service Unit’s technical strategy, R&D, and innovation. With a computer science education from the prestigious Peking University, he has extensive experience with big data and AI and is an expert in ad effectiveness evaluation, marketing data analytics, and marketing optimization.

Since joining Miaozhen Systems in 2007, Pei spearheaded R&D of several major products (including AdMonitor and SmartVerify). His work was crucial in achieving widespread usage of China’s first mobile ad measurement SDK. Under his leadership, his product team released China’s first solutions for invalid traffic measurement, digital TV ad measurement, and smart TV ad measurement.

Pei is a interactive ad standards expert for the China Advertising Association and co-chair of the MMA China Ad Standard Committee. He has contributed to the creation of national standards and industry technology standards and developed patented technologies for mobile ad measurement, smart TV ad measurement, and more.

Crystal Yu

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

Shanghai Office GM

Crystal is Shanghai Office GM of Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit. She manages omni measurement operations, growth, and client services in the Eastern China region.

Crystal joined Miaozhen Systems in 2012, bringing to the table her rich experience with auto, beauty, FMCG, and baby & mom industries. Particularly adept in digital marketing strategy, effectiveness measurement, and optimization, she has built China social buzz measurement centers for brands such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola. She and her team’s clients include SAIC Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Shanghai Disneyland, Mondelēz, Master Kang, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Clarins, L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Ping An Insurance.

She has previously worked at major corporations and media such as China Mobile, China Central Television, and Air China.

Crystal holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of International Business and Economics.

Cathie Yang

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

Beijing Office GM

As Beijing Office GM of Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit, Cathie oversees omni measurement operations, growth, and client services in the Northern China region.

With a decade-long career in digital marketing, Cathie is thoroughly experienced in optimizing marketing strategy and commercial data insight. She has particular expertise in organizational change management; her work with luxury car and FMCG brands has set new industry benchmarks.

Cathie joined Miaozhen Systems in 2011 to develop business and manage operations in the Northern China region. Under her leadership, her Northern China major clients service team won the sales championship award for three consecutive years. She educated customers in cross-screen analytics and created new markets, quickly achieving top market share. In 2015, as Director of Pre-sales Solutions, she used consumer profile analysis models created by integrating big and small data to help luxury car brands uncover business potential. In addition, her internal work as trainer on the company’s eight key product lines won her the company’s highest honor, the President Award.

Prior to joining Miaozhen, Cathie worked at globally leading 4A agencies in media planning and target audience insight.

Sheena Ren

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

Guangzhou Office GM

Sheena is GM of the Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit Guangzhou Office, where she leads omni measurement operations, growth, and client services in the Southern China region.

Sheena has nearly 10 years of experience in marketing analytics and insight. Her extensive understanding of FMCG, consumer electronics, and retail industries has helped her serve internationally renowned enterprise clients such as P&G, China Resources, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tencent, Yili, and Huawei. Her long career, which includes experience at big data and new retail startups, has made her deeply knowledgeable of digital marketing, digital transformation, and using AI, big data, and IoT technologies to improve marketing effectiveness.

Before joining Miaozhen, Sheena worked at Xeros, Nielsen, and DataStory, holding such positions as solutions consultant, director of client partnerships, and VP of service and business development.

Sheena has an MBA from Sun Yat-Sen University School of Management and a Master’s Degree in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications. She has also completed courses such as KAIST College of Business’s “IT Innovation” course and WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management’s “Industry 4.0” course.

Ryan Huang

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

VP of Offline Measurement Solutions

Ryan is VP of Offline Measurement Solutions at Miaozhen Systems’ OMI Service Unit, which uses Miaozhen’s digitization capabilities to power offline ad measurement. He led his team in standardizing outdoor ad measurement, app ad monitoring, and app operations, which makes it possible for advertisers to comprehensively evaluate their offline advertising.

Ryan joined Miaozhen Systems in 2012. As Southern China Regional GM, he built the Guangzhou business and operations team from the ground up. He worked with major clients such as P&G, Huawei, DFL, Ping An Insurance, Danone, and Mead Johnson, where he contributed his keen insight into the internet and ad measurement industries.

A 10-year digital marketing veteran, Ryan is an expert in online advertising and first-party client data applications. He is among the first to attempt to connect ad data and offline data and build models for them. He was awarded the I-Com Data Creativity Award in 2014.

Xiaolei Yu

Miaozhen Systems |OMI Service Unit

Product Director

Xiaolei, OMI Service Unit Product Director at Miaozhen Systems, is in charge of developing the OMI online measurement product line and managing its teams.

Xiaolei has extensive experience in developing ad measurement systems, site measurement systems, DMPs, and other big data systems. Since joining Miaozhen in 2015, he spearheaded the development and advancement of multiple product lines, including ad measurement systems and antifraud solutions, and built a custom measurement product for P&G. Deeply knowledgeable of MRC and IAB among other global industry standards, Xiaolei contributed to the creation of multiple China digital marketing industry standards.

Xiaolei previously worked at Cheetah Mobile and Apple China.

Xiaolei holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Waseda University.

Maggie Wang

Miaozhen Systems | BIA Service Unit


Maggie Wang is President of Miaozhen Systems’ BIA Service Unit. She’s in charge of the operations and management of BIA SU, including strategic planning, business layout, business solutions designing and technology and product innovation. Besides, she also contributed to the creation of multiple digital marketing industry standards including social marketing, celebrity spokesperson, e-commerce livestreaming.

Maggie is a rare expert in content/social marketing measurement and effectiveness evaluation. She has rich and innovative experience in market, consumer, media, and retail market research, and big data integration and application. Since joining Miaozhen Systems, Maggie has innovatively applied knowledge graph to social marketing, and has led the R&D of the first knowledge graph BI system in the industry.

Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of domestically and internationally renowned brands develop their social and content marketing. Her clients have included P&G, L'Oréal, Abbott, Mead Johnson, Mengniu, Kao, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Vivo.

Stanford Shi

Miaozhen Systems | BIA Service Unit

Senior R&D Director

Stanford Shi is Senior R&D Director of Miaozhen Systems’ BIA Service Unit. He is in charge of the architecture, R&D, and management of Miaozhen Systems’ Social BI System, SEI, and CSI systems among others.

Stanford has years of experience in data technology R&D and is one of China’s experts in enterprise-level system architecture, SaaS product development, big data processing, distributed architecture, and natural language processing. His career at Miaozhen Systems started in 2014 when he joined on as R&D Director. He developed many lauded data products, including Miaozhen Systems’ e-commerce data analysis system, event operations and data analysis system, tag management system, and Social BI.

Stanford’s extensive experience in enterprise-level system architecture and SaaS system R&D includes his previous work at Neusoft, where he was in charge of R&D for value-added systems for telecom operators. He was also the R&D lead for an MBO system at SAP company.

Stanford has a master’s degree in computer science from University of Wollongong, Australia, where he focused on e-commerce fraud detection for his graduate work and intensively studied online sales and AI.

Violet Fu

Miaozhen Systems | BIA Service Unit

Shanghai Office GM

Violet Fu is Shanghai Office General Manager of Miaozhen Systems’ BIA Service Unit. She is in charge of the office’s operation s, business growth and client services.

As one of the earliest social media analysts in China, Violet has participated in the establishment of social media analysis and research systems and has rich commercial application practices. She has 15 years of working experience in the fields of consumer insight, digital marketing, e-commerce data analysis, media planning and activity execution. Especially good at helping brands explore the value of data in the field of marketing from the perspective of business strategy.

Cooperating with product, technology and marketing teams, Violet aims to lead Miaozhen Systems BIA SU's Shanghai business team to provide clients with best Social &Insight Analytic services and most compatible business solutions, continue to win clients' recognition and trust, and consolidate Miaozhen Systems' position as the industry leader in Shanghai with innovative products and professional services.

Violet officially joined Miaozhen Systems in July 2019. Prior to Miaozhen Systems, she worked at Wavemaker, a subsidiary of GroupM China, as strategy and commercial director , providing communication and media strategy services to clients in FMCG, Internet, fashion, travel, Auto and other industries. She also worked in social media research and consulting at Kantar Media CIC.

Julia Zhao

Miaozhen Systems | BIA Service Unit

Beijing Office GM

Julia Zhao is Beijing Office General Manager of Miaozhen Systems’ BIA Service Unit. She is in charge of the office's operations, business growth, and client services.

Julia joined Miaozhen Systems in 2017 as a VP. She provided social and insight analysis services for over 80% of international Fortune 500 companies and distinguished domestic companies. Working together with Technology and R&D departments, Julia helped develop new data products to fulfill the needs of clients. With nearly 15 years of marketing experience under her belt, Julia is adept at analyzing market requirements for brands. She is one of the industry’s few experts in brand operations, media planning and execution, and social and insight analysis.

Before joining Miaozhen Systems, Julia worked at P&G as media director, where she was in charge of over 70% of the company’s media planning and execution. She later joined Uxin Group as general manager of its marketing center. She built the Uxin used-car B2C e-commerce brand, the largest of its kind in China and the first to go public, from the ground up.

Julia has an EMBA from Peking University and a master’s degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law.

Rainy Hou

Miaozhen Systems | BIA Service Unit

Guangzhou Office GM

Rainy Hou, Guangzhou Office General Manager of Miaozhen Systems’ BIA Service Unit, is in charge of the office's management, business development, and client service.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Rainy is an expert in market research, data insight, and the integration of big and small data. She joined Miaozhen Systems as Senior Business Director in 2015, where she provided clients with expert data analysis solutions and built an business team highly experienced in social and insight analytics. Under her leadership, the team went on to serve South China clients including P&G, Mead Johnson, Liby, Danone, Huawei, Tencent, GAC Toyota, DFL, and Vipshop. The team provided insight services based on social data and helped brands enhance their content marketing evaluation and optimization and social data application.

Prior to Miaozhen Systems, Rainy worked for Fortune 500 company Philips and market research firm Ipsos. As the head of Marketing Intelligence & Strategy in Philips’ Domestic Appliances division, she provided market and consumer research and insight for the company’s marketing and other departments. At Ipsos, she was in charge of copy testing and brand research as Research Director; in addition, she worked with key domestic and international clients such as P&G, Danone, Wrigley, Carlsberg, Shanghai Jahwa, and Tingyi.