Miaozhen Systems - China’s leading provider of omni-marketing and business intelligence analysis solutions

Established in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is a leading omni-marketing intelligence and business intelligence & analytics solution provider in China. Based on big data and AI technology, it aims to build a complete consumer-oriented circle of business intelligence decision for enterprises that covers data analysis, insight and application optimization through authentic and objective omni-marketing intelligence and a combination of cognitive and perceptual intelligence. Miaozhen Systems strives to help enterprises predict trends in the market, optimize business decisions, and achieve commercial value through a real-time, comprehensive and accurate evaluation of marketing effect.

As a member of MMA China, Miaozhen Systems has successively participated in the creation of the mobile SDK measurement standard, digital advertising basic standard, mobile advertising standard, interactive advertising standard, advertising viewability standard, We Media value evaluation standard, as well as celebrity spokesperson evaluation standard. It will continue to promote the transparency and verifiability in China's digital marketing and create an ecological environment based on mutual trust and win-win operation.

In addition, Miaozhen Systems is also a member of the standing committee of the Advertising Spokesperson Committee and the Social Marketing Branch of the China Advertising Association.

Since its establishment, Miaozhen Systems has been widely recognized by the industry and customers, and has been awarded the following honors successively

  • 2012: Special Contribution Award of Effie Awards – “Top 100 Innovative Growth Enterprises in China”
  • 2014: “Top 50 Chinese High-tech and High-growth Enterprises” granted by Deloitte
  • 2018: Included in Forbes List of “Top Up-and-Coming Unlisted Companies in 2018”
  • 2019: “Representative Organization of China’s Advertising Industry in the Past 40 Years” granted at the Commemoration for the Achievements of China’s Advertising Industry in the Past 40 Years

So far, Miaozhen Systems provides personalized omni-marketing intelligence and business intelligence analysis solutions for more than 1,000 world-renowned brands and local leading brands in China.

world-renowned brands and
Chinese leading brands