Amplify marketing effectiveness

With industry trends, big data, and AI models, Miaozhen Systems produces social media content, monitors ad reach and engagement, conducts quick attribution analysis, and enables secondary targeting. Brands can effectively execute integrated marketing campaigns and achieve impactful results.

Miaozhen Systems

Amplify marketing effectiveness

Social Grow

all-in-one social media marketing investment optimization management platform

Social Grow is a management platform focusing on social media operation growth. Social Grow has four modules: “Competitive Analysis,” “Content Engine,” “Influencer Selection,” and “Precise Operation.” 


Digital Advertising Measurement and Verification

With the support of big data computing technology and within the compliant framework of advertising technology standards and market norms, Admonitor provides advertisers with Internet media and ad monitoring services, offering a universal basis for settlement in the digital marketing field.

Admonitor OOH

Outdoor Advertising Monitoring & Measurement

Admonitor OOH is Miaozhen Systems’ comprehensive outdoor media monitoring product. It offers manual monitoring and digital screen monitoring solutions based on different advertiser needs and media formats, generating monitoring reports.

Admonitor Live TV

 Live Television Advertising Monitoring

Admonitor LiveTV is Miaozhen Systems’ live television monitoring product. It monitors live TV advertisements to ensure planned schedules and placements, protecting brand interests and reducing advertising risks effectively.

Miaozhen Fenxi

Owned Media User Behavior Monitoring

Miaozhen Fenxi is a multi-scene owned media traffic monitoring product. It can be seamlessly integrated with the Admonitor ad monitoring system to track traffic sources, evaluate media conversion effects, and optimize advertising strategies.

Media Attribution for Advertising

 Live Television Advertising Monitoring

Taking into account business needs, data availability, and model applicability, Miaozhen System offers various advertising attribution models and methods to guide advertisers in determining the impact of ad placements on performance, such as MTA (Multi-Touch Attribution).

At Miaozhen Systems, we leverage agile insights and data-driven decision-making, we empower you to enhance marketing efficiency and drive rapid business growth. Contact us to learn more about our product features, solutions and more.