Nestlé Launches Its First-Party DMP with Miaozhen Systems, Forging into a New Era of Business Intelligence

Time:Nov, 2017


BEIJING, Nov 6, 2017 -- Nestlé announced that its first-party DMP with Miaozhen Systems has been successfully built and is in full operation during the “Nestlé DMP GO LIVE” launch ceremony. The event was attended by Rashid Qureshi, chairman & CEO, Nestlé Greater China region, Nina Chiang, CMO of Nestlé, Wu Minghui, founder, chairman and CEO of Miaozhen Systems,Emmanuel Stralka, general manager of Mindshare Beijing, as well as heads from Nestlé’s business units.

The biggest attribute of DMP is enabling brand marketers to find their target audience through a tagging management system. Activities organized during the event reflected the functions of the DMP; with Nestlé assigning each guest with a tag during tea. The exercise lent a light-hearted quality to the event as the guests celebrated the milestones they have achieved in programmatic advertising.


Nestlé’s CMO Chiang delivered her opening speech at the event during which she briefed the audience on Nestlé’s journey on building the DMP from its early initiation process till the fully operational stage. She was followed by Qureshi, Stralka and Wu who each gave a speech. The speakers expressed gratitude to parties who are involved in the cross-company, cross-departmental initiative which began since February 2015.


Nestlé’s Greater China CMO Nini Chiang briefing the audience on the implementation of the DMP. 

Being the pioneer in China’s programmatic market, Miaozhen had collaborated with Nestlé and Mindshare to develop the first programmatic video platform with premium video inventories in 2015. From the perspective of Nestlé, however, improving media buying effectiveness and reducing ad exposure to non-targeted audience, as well as maintaining its advertising presence in the market have been the heart of its media-buying needs. As such, programmatic buying alone is insufficient for Nestlé to achieve a fine balance of reaching its target audience and maintaining its advertising presence. The process should be supported by a huge amount of data, management of data from multiple sources and a comprehensive tagging system for Nestlé to improve its media buying efficiency and reach its business goals through business intelligence. Therefore, it made the most sense for Nestlé to develop its own DMP.

Nestlé had put in a team to work with Miaozhen’s product and advisory team for nearly two years through idea initiation to the final implementation phase to build a solution for the DMP system that is audience-centric and encompasses all touchpoints in the consumer journey for the CRM system.

The successful implementation of the first-party DMP will help Nestlé improve its efficiency in programmatic buying through a more comprehensive tagging system to identify its target audience. Personalized content delivered through programmatic multi-channel marketing will effectively reduce ad waste and eventually increase the ROI. Nestlé, Miaozhen and Mindshare will further leverage on this foundation to explore a more wide-ranging data and business collaboration model in order for Nestlé to build a more comprehensive audience profile. This is essential in post-analysis on marketing effectiveness and further ease Nestlé into using smart solutions to grow its business.



Rashid Qureshi, chairman & CEO, Nestlé Greater China region

Said Qureshi: “After over a year of hard work, the DMP is fully operational and this marks a milestone in Nestlé’s journey in digitizing its business. We hope that the DMP will help Nestlé gain deeper insights into Chinese consumers for China is a very important market (for the brand) in a global standing. This will not only help to improve effectiveness in marketing, but also give us a good grasp on product innovations that are suitable for this market and eventually help us to reap more growth.”


Emmanuel Stralka, general manager of Mindshare Beijing

Meanwhile, Mindshare’s Stralka said: “The successful implementation of Nestlé’s DMP is the result of the combined effort of all parties involved. Thanks to the teams from Nestlé, Mindshare and Miaozhen, we have accomplished the first step. I’m looking forward to working with more partners in our data collaboration next, for this can help us to reach the full potential of what big data can bring.”


Wu Minghui, founder, chairman and CEO of Miaozhen Systems

On the subject of this successful collaboration, Miaozhen’s Wu said: “We hope that Miaozhen will continue to be Nestlé’s partner in the future and will tap into our data and technical capabilities to help Nestlé drive a higher business growth.”