Data Use Specification

Second Hand System is China's leading third-party marketing data technology company. The second hand system provides fair, neutral, scientific and reliable media investment optimization systems and tools and data reporting for customers and industries. In addition to special marked with other agencies, the second hand system provides data and reports by the second hand system of independent research and development of cloud computing platform to collect, process, calculate, analysis, the copyright of the second hand system.

Second hand system to remind you: Before use, please be sure to carefully read and understand this note. If you comply with the second-hand system data usage, use (reference) second-hand system data, your behavior will be regarded as the entire contents of this note recognition and bear the legal consequences.

1. For the publication of public data reports issued by the second hand system, the source must be marked and the original, objective and impartial principles should be followed, and not be taken out of context. If the dispute arises due to the action, the data reference Bear the consequences, the second hand system is not responsible for this.

2. For non-public data reports issued by the second hand system, any use of (reference) second-hand system data for commercial purposes in public (including but not limited to promotional softwaves, marketing campaigns, industry releases, sales proposals, etc.) Second Hand System Marketing Department written permission before use, the second hand system reserved for unauthorized users the right to pursue legal liability.

3. In view of the differences in methodologies, definitions of indicators and technical means used in data statistics and analysis, all data, other than services identified in written agreements and written agreements, which are likely to result from accidental, (Including any legal disputes arising from the use of this website's data), the second-hand system is not responsible for it, nor bear any legal responsibility.

4. The data report of the second hand system shall not be used as evidence for the resolution of any legal dispute (except for the services separately identified in writing).

If you need to use (reference) the second hand data, please contact the person in contact with the second hand system in official mail (or fax) and obtain written permission from the Second Hand System Marketing Department. If the problems caused by unauthorized use and disputes, the second hand system does not assume responsibility, and retain the right to pursue legal liability of unauthorized users.

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